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In May of 2004, I began the process of preparing the car for paint and body work.  I decided to strip the car down myself.  I removed everything possible.  The entire drivetrain, interior, electrical, exterior trim, and all glass but the windshield was removed.  I will be posting updates as the work progresses at the bodyshop.  The color I chose is Daytona Blue Pearl Metallic, as found on a 2004 Nissan 350Z.


 Here is the car on the trailer, ready to be dropped off at the bodyshop.




The car sat at the shop for two weeks before they started.  This is about 2 days after they started on it.  They have sanded it down to bare metal.  All of the holes have been filled.  This includes all of the emblem holes, front marker lights, tailgate emblem, antenna hole, and some other miscellaneous molding holes.  Any body filler you see in the pics below was there under the paint, they have not added any new filler yet.  Notice how much better the front edge of the fender looks after a little metal work.  It should be perfect once they fill and sand it.  I'm not sure why the tailgate had such a large amount of filler on it.  There were no major dents, so I guess it was just a skim coat.





A few days later, most of the body work on the driver's side was completed and the passenger side was progressing...




The car now has its first coat of primer.  The body work is pretty much complete at this point.  They will block sand the car one more time, then shoot it with another coat of primer before painting it.  Notice the completed repair of the front fender edge and the rust repair from the lower rear fender (see the original damage in the 8/30/2004 photos above).






All of the body work and sanding are complete.  The car has been block sanded and the painting will start tomorrow.




Today, the car was sprayed with a sealer.  This is the final product applied before the color coat.  Tomorrow the color coat and clear coats will be applied.





The car is finally painted!  It still needs to be color sanded and buffed.  Once that is complete, it will look significantly glossier and smoother than it does in these pictures.





The car has been home for several weeks, but I just now got around to taking pictures of it outside.  It was very cloudy when I took these, so they don't do the color justice.  I'll take more when the weather is better.





Here's a few pics in some sunlight...




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