2002 Presidents' Day Weekend @ Glamis


We spent Presidents' Day Weekend at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (Glamis).  These are a few of the pictures and videos from the weekend.  You can click on any thumbnail to see a larger image.


Some shots of the general area.  This place is HUGE!

dunes1.jpg (41868 bytes)            dunes2.jpg (44640 bytes)            dunes3.jpg (38581 bytes)


Here are some pics of our two dogs, Kuma (red collar) and Zoe (green collar).

caution.jpg (78985 bytes)            kuma1.jpg (92799 bytes)            dogs1.jpg (98281 bytes)


kuma2.jpg (110467 bytes)            zoe1.jpg (97721 bytes)            kumadig.jpg (102980 bytes)


My neighbor's Yamaha Raptor which I rode most of the weekend.

raptor.jpg (60410 bytes)


Our 2002 Chevy Tahoe Z71.  We used this to pull a 24' travel trailer to Glamis.  It never had a problem in the soft sand, even pulling the trailer.  It also did a great job in the dunes.

tahoe1.jpg (44719 bytes)            tahoe2.jpg (42639 bytes)            tahoe3.jpg (35734 bytes)


Here's a few videos.  The first two are of my weird dogs.  They had this obsession with digging in the sand the whole time we were there.  The last video was shot at Comp Hill at night.  I just wanted to show how many people gather at this one spot in the middle of the desert to have a good time.  This was also shot on a slow night due to the large law enforcement presence.


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