When Our Kids Were Young

Do I have to pick up my toys?
Greg, 1975
Kim, 4th grade, 1975 Kim and Greg, 1975

Warren, Kevin, and Kim, 1975 Kim, 5th grade, 1976 Kim and Greg in Hawaii, 1976
Greg 1977 Greg, nursery school, 1977 Kim 1977
Kim, first day of 6th grade, 1977 Kim, 6th grade, 1977 Greg, 1978
Greg, nursery school, 1978 Kim, 7th grade, 1978 Lynne, Ethel, Neva, Kim
four generations
July 1978
Greg went to camp with Kim, 1978 Greg went to camp with Kim, 1978 Greg, Kindergarden, 1979
Kim, 8th grade, 1979 Greg, 1st grade, 1980 Kim, 9th grade, 1980

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