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Lynne's father, William F. Rodgers Jr.  Everyone called him Bill.  This was taken in 1950, 2 years before his accidental death at age 41. 


Lynne's mother,  Ethel J. (Thompson) Rodgers.  This was taken in 1945 when Mom was 31 years old.  After Bill's death, she remarried.  She died in 1985.

Bill and Ethel's wedding, Sept. 4, 1934.  Bill, Ethel, Rosemary Rodgers (Bill's sister), Ed Daily (Bill's friend).

Lynne's parents, Bill & Ethel Rodgers.  Taken in Washington, D.C., June, 1945.  I love this picture because of the way my Dad is looking at my Mom.  I remember her dress very clearly; it was red.

Lynne's family, Easter 1950.  Bill, Lynne, Ethel, and Lynne's brother, Richard (Dick). Taken in Grandma Thompson's yard in Youngstown, Ohio.  This was probably taken when we went there for Easter dinner.  Grandma Thompson was a great cook and I loved her pies and cakes.

Lynne's grandparents (Ethel's parents), Benjamin & Neva (Sheakley) Thompson, with Ethel on the ground and her younger brother, Lee on his mother's lap.  This picture was taken in 1917.  Benjamin died in 1954, Neva in 1986.

James Lee Thompson, Ethel's younger brother.  He was called Lee.  This was taken in Oct. 1942 at Fort Bliss, TX just before he shipped to Europe to fight with Patton's Army in WWII.  He was discharged from the Army on 9/14/1945 and was killed in a traffic accident on 10/12/1945, three days before his 29th birthday.

Lynne's great-grandparents (Neva's family). In front, John Wallace Sheakley, Jr., Neva, Emma Luella (Morrison) Sheakley.  In back, Jennie Eva, Myrtle Mae, and Marshall Lee.  This was taken about 1895.  By 1902, Emma, Jennie, and Lee had died of TB.  John W. died in 1914, Myrtle in 1979, and Neva in 1986 at the age of 96 1/2.

Lynne's great-grandmother (Benjamin's mother), Nancy (Urmson) Thompson, and some of her family.  Nancy and James A. Thompson had 11 children, Benjamin being the youngest.  I have not been able to find a picture of James A. Thompson, who died in 1910.  Nancy died in 1917.

Lynne's 2nd-great-grandfather (John's father), John Wallace Sheakley, Sr.  This was taken about 1860 when he was a merchant in Cleveland.  He and his wife, Jane Letitia Maffat, divorced sometime around 1849 and she married David Palm and had six other children.  J.W. Sheakley, Sr. died in 1862.

Lynne's 2nd-great-grandmother (Emma's mother), Ann Jane (White) Morrison.  This picture was taken about 1870.  She married at age 14 and had 13 children, the last born when she was 41 years old.  I have not found a picture of her husband, Thomas Morrison.  Documents suggest that he is buried next to her, but there is not inscription for him on the stone, or it has worn away.  She died in 1887, he died in 1898.

Lynne's grandparents (Bill's parents), William & Mary (McEvoy) Rodgers, with Bill (on his father's lap) and his older brother, Richard, on the floor.  This was taken about 1912, and Richard died in 1914 when he was just over 5 years old.  William died in 1952, shortly after his son.  Mary died in 1967.

Lynne's great-grandmother (Mary's mother), Anna (Brady) McEvoy and her family.  This was taken about 1920.  Anna died in 1925 at the age of 76.  Her husband, Patrick M. McEvoy died in 1894 at the age of 49.

We have not found any pictures of William Rodgers' parents, Michael R. Rodgers and Anna Bonner.

More Gravestone Pictures


Ralph Urmson (1805-1865)

John Sheakley (1755-1816)


Nancy (Platt) Urmson (1807-1894)

Margaret (Jenkins) Sheakley (abt. 1755-1831)

Thomas Maffat (abt. 1774-1858)

George Sheakley (1791-1877)

  Elizabeth (unknown) Farrell (1774-1857)

Agnes Nancy (Haslet) Wallace (1761-1827)

  William White (1787-1858) Eleanor (Farrell) White (1793-1881)



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